A Message Of Positivity From Pia Paradise

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A Message Of Positivity From Pia Paradise

When I created this fan site, I swore that I would never use the front page as my own personal soapbox, because I just don't think it's appropriate. But I'm going to make an exception just this once.
Pia comes to this site "for support and as an escape to the negative world we live in" as she said in her message. When she reads negative posts from fans who've basically given up all hope that she will ever release an album, I'm sure it hurts her. And to be honest, it disappoints me as well.
Anyone who has been a long time fan of Pia should know by now how focused, determined, and relentless she is in pursuit of her dream. She sacrificed so much to leave her home, family & friends in NY to come live in LA so that she could record her album. How could anyone who knows that about Pia ever doubt that she WILL release an album?
Yes, things happen in the music industry. Deals are broken, new deals are made, new contracts are negotiated, all of which takes time and adds to the wait for an album. And then there's the strategy of timing the release, which adds even more time to the wait. But that doesn't mean the album isn't coming. Pia has a team that believes in her and she is in a better place now than she ever was. So please keep the faith, be patient and know that the album IS coming.
I don't want Pia to ever come here and feel anything but positivity and love from her fans. So I would ask that you all be supportive and please refrain from "venting" or posting anything negative on the site. Thank you.


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I would like to add that everything that Pia does, everything that she believes- the entire way she lives her life- is centered around being a good role model, a kind and loving person, and somebody who always looks for the good in everybody, no matter what. She is the essence of positivity, and we owe it to her to support her and show her the same positivity that she has showed us.

I think that this quote, from Anne Frank, is a fine representation of what Pia is all about:

"Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart."

Let's all prove to her that this is the truth.


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This was perfectly written Gary. Thank you for summing everything up, and hopefuly putting people back into the right frame of mind.

Pia is one of the most dedicated and positive people I have encountered in my life. It's reassuring to know that some people really do work to reach their goals, instead of giving into the pressure from the industry and the people in it. Pia gives new meaning to perseverance. She really is a role model for young kids and teenagers, and even a model or older individuals as to the type of person that they should aspire to be.


Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!


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 Nicely put Gary. Pia needs her fans and supporters to stand by her now, not give her grief. Nothin but love and good wishes for her!!!!!! #TeamPia

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Well jeez Gary, I’m glad you don’t plan on making the soapbox thing a habit lol.  That could really get tiresome after a while ;)…just messing, I know you wouldn’t do that and we all feel the same way on this particular issue anyway.  Pia Paradise was created to reflect the magnificent glow of our lovely Pia.  She has been working hard to get us her music and when the timing is right we will have it.  I have so much faith in her that I am willing to be as patient as I need to be while the process is worked out.  I know everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. I will continue supporting her both here and on twitter as much as I can until her album is ready.  When it is ready it is going to be Team Pia time so we all need to come together and be good support system.  In fact, lets work on getting this in order now! Our goal should be to be the best fans in the world for her!  Who’s with me?


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