Pia Paradise FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Pia Paradise FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I created a new forum topic or uploaded a photo/video and I can't see it. Why?
A:  Pia Paradise uses a moderation system. Any new topics, images or videos posted by members must be approved by a member of the site management team through our moderation process before it will show up on the site. This is mainly to protect against the posting of spam and inappropriate content, but occasionally we may decide to reject a post that you may think is appropriate. In such cases, we will usually inform you of the reason for the rejection. You will receive an automated email from the site telling you that your post was rejected and the reason why (if a reason was given).
Q:  I can't see the Chat Room / MP3 Players / Video and Photo Walls. Why?
A:  These areas of the site use Adobe Flash. You will need a properly installed Flash player on your PC/Mac to view them. Also, because Apple iPhones/iPads do not support Flash, you will not be able to view these areas on those devices. However, there is a third-party browser called "Puffin" available in the App Store which can display Adobe Flash elements and can be used to view these parts of the site.
Q:  Why does my birthday not show up in the Member Birthdays List on the front page?
A:  For your birthday to show, you need to make sure it has been entered into your user account profile. Click on My Profile, then click on the Edit tab and enter your birthday. You will be required to enter a birth year, but the birth year and your age will never be shown on the site. Keep in mind that the birthday list on the front page only displays those birthdays that will occur within the next 7 days.
Q:  How do I use the Chat Room?
A:  You must have an active Pia Paradise member account to gain access to the Chat Room. Once you are logged into the site, visiting the Chat Room will automatically log you in there. If you wish to see a log of what was said in the Chat Room before you arrived, you can type in "/backtime XX" to show the last XX minutes of chat, or "/back XXX" to show the last XXX posts. You can type "/help" for a complete list of Chat Room commands available.
Q:  How do I view my scores on the Trivia Quizzes?
A:  Click on My Profile to go to your User Profile page, then click on the My Results tab.
Q:  I have a question that is not listed here. Where can I get help?
A:  You can use our Contact Page to send a message to either the Site Administrator (for technical issues) or the Site Management Team. You can also contact any of us directly by private message on the site or on Twitter. The site management team is Crissy1121, Gary_OC, mshalo18, and PIAisPerfection.


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