Pia Toscano of 'American Idol' Hits a High Note for Animals - PETA.org

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Pia Toscano of 'American Idol' Hits a High Note for Animals - PETA.org

Pretty, pleasant Pia Toscano bears a striking resemblance to another PETA pal—Lea Michele—and the similarities don't stop at their lovely faces, with voices to match and rhyming monikers. Like Lea, Pia jumped at the chance to use her platform to help stop cruelty to animals.

In her debut single, "This Time," Pia bids a powerful adieu to a bad boyfriend. And she thinks it's time that everyone broke up with two businesses that are bad for animals: the fur industry and circuses.

In an exclusive interview with PETA, Pia expounded, "It was very difficult for me to watch the videos on how fur coats are made and how these animals are brutally beaten and skinned alive. There's no excuse for that." And when talk turned to the circus, she was quick to express her disgust. "I'm a performer, and I make a conscious decision every time I get up on that stage to do what I love, but these animals, they don't have a choice, they don't have a voice, and they are not choosing this lifestyle." 

Since animals don't get to choose not to be forced to perform or killed for their fur, as Pia notes, it's up to us to add our voices to the ever-growing chorus of people speaking up for them.

Read more at:  www.peta.org/b/thepetafiles/archive/2013/02/21/pia-toscano-american-idol-hits-high-note-for-animals.aspx

WARNING:  the video accompanying this article contains graphic footage of animal abuse!



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This statement by Pia is amazing. Again and again she proves herself to be a role model, and standing by PETA is truly a good thing.


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If only more people would lend their voice to this important cause. Pia has an absolute heart of gold.


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 Pia is such an incredible role model who speaks out for great causes. I share and support her thoughts on animals and PETA. 

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Once again Pia sets an example more 'role models' should be more like. Her compassion and caring nature is to be commended. It's a true testament to her heart and how compassionate she truly is!!

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