Pia Toscano to attend PETA "Blankets for Shelters" event TODAY at 4:30pm PDT to benefit homeless animals

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Pia Toscano to attend PETA "Blankets for Shelters" event TODAY at 4:30pm PDT to benefit homeless animals

Kids and teens who bring supplies for homeless animals will get a chance to meet their favorite animal-loving stars.

Some of Hollywood's hottest and kindest young stars are teaming up with peta2 and PETA Kids—PETA's youth and child divisions—for a fun-filled event to benefit the homeless animals in Los Angeles Animal Services' shelters. Kids who bring an old blanket, towel, leash, collar, or other supplies to PETA's Bob Barker Building on Thursday will join peta2 supporters Booboo Stewart, Pia Toscano, Christian Serratos, Haley Pullos, Zoe Soul, the N.Y. Jets' Bret Lockett, and others as they make catnip-filled toys, learn about other ways to help homeless animals, and more. Attendees will also be treated to a very special live performance by Renee Olstead of The Secret Life of the American Teenager and an appearance by famed entertainer Randall, author of Honey Badger Don't Care.

Read more at:  http://echopark.patch.com/events/peta2-holds-star-studded-blankets-for-shelters-drive



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Pia is such a doll for participating and giving her time for events like this :-)


Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!


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It is always appreciable that she partivipates in such events. It will eventually increase her fan following even more.

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