Pia Toscano Comes Home for ACS and JDRF – Delivers Powerhouse Performance with Jared Lee

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Pia Toscano Comes Home for ACS and JDRF – Delivers Powerhouse Performance with Jared Lee

Pia Toscano came home Monday night, not to Howard Beach per se, but to Pia Toscano. She brought with her a new look, a new sound and a vocal companion that will take her further than any folly with reality/talent TV ever could.

To Howard Beach, Toscano has always been a “neighborhood star.” But at a perfor­mance to benefit the American Cancer Society (ACS) and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) at Manhattan’s trendy Cutting Room, there was every bit of evidence that the “neighborhood” is about to get a whole lot bigger.

Perhaps the best way to understand the breadth of the transformation is to begin with Toscano’s own words shared with the audience in between sets. “Things are falling into place.”

And falling very quickly. Gone is the awk­ward image choice assigned by one-time ad­visors. It’s been replaced with a comfortable poise that is accompanied by dramatically re­fined vocals. And it’s been enhanced by a cre­ative alliance with wonderfully talented long time friend, Jared Lee.

The pair met back when she was about 16 and they actually wrote a few songs together. He sometimes accompanied Pia on the piano and they frequently worked together on ar­rangements. But Lee’s pursuits took him to Los Angeles and Pia’s Idol journey led the two tal­ents on independent ventures.

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Happy Holiday's Sweep P's! It sounds like Pia may have a lot more for us to talk about, soon! It may be that I don't know what the heck I'm talking about. But if I read this article between the lines, correctly. It sounds like Pia and Jared might get some music released as a DUO?!
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A memorable night filled with great performances by both Pia and Jared. so great to be in great company of so many sweetps. So much love in the ouse that night for both ofthese music artists! An honor to have been there. Can't wait to buy their EP and help promote it as well.

Love these 2 Pia and Jared so talented. its just a matter of time before everyone sees how good they both are.

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