Pia Toscano & Jared Lee To Perform Additional Private Acoustic Concerts this September/October

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Pia Toscano & Jared Lee To Perform Additional Private Acoustic Concerts this September/October

Pia Toscano and I are looking into doing a series of PRIVATE HOME ACOUSTIC CONCERTS in September/October for you and all of your friends---in your own home!!! This will be an awesome way for us to meet so many of the people that have been so supportive over the years and to share with you some of our music in an up close and personal setting.

Interested??? Please shoot an email to [email protected] to discuss details.


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Oh cool!!. We would love to have you guys play in our garden, however I'm uncertain if the backdrop will be sufficient? :-)  I will send an official proposal to the E-mail address within the next few days. You Guys are great!!!





Check out "Sunsets for Pia" in the "Member Talents" section.

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I am sure both will going to do best and will rock the concert.I am surely going to attend it.

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