Pia Toscano Music: Listen To 3 Exclusive Rough Studio Tracks!

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Pia Toscano Music: Listen To 3 Exclusive Rough Studio Tracks!

The Pia Paradise team wants all of Pia's Sweet P's to be able hear as much of her incredible music as possible. So here are three songs that Pia recorded after she was on American Idol.

You will notice that there are three versions of one song, which just goes to show the amount of work that goes into recording one track!  Even though these are only rough, unmastered versions, they are great songs and show off Pia's amazing vocal talent well.

These unreleased hits are just a taste of what's to come! We hope you enjoy these tracks!

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Nice!  Thanks for these Gary

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Great stuff!  Thanks Gary and Pia!


Sweet P # 79

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Contemporary music with Pia's amazing voice. These songs will be hits for Pia!

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 Thanks Gary for posting these beautiful songs. Pia is amazing!!!

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