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Twitter Tips

Twitter is one of the biggest sources for promoting Pia on the web, with over 140 million active users.  When Pia releases new music we want to take advantage of every opportunity to spread it widely across twitter to reach as many people as possible. This thread is all about talking about ways we can take fan power to the next level.               


We all want Pia to be extremely successful, so that involves us being as proactive as possible.  When Pia is performing on national television we want her name to trend and when it does we want everyone on twitter to clue in to who she is.  We have the power to carry those trends further to maximize what they can do for Pia.  Radio stations are always looking for feedback via twitter so we need to be all over that as a team.  We are going to be participating in a lot of twitter activities involving trends and promotional events so I would recommend opening a twitter account if you don’t already have one.


Pia Paradise is the perfect place to connect Pia with thousands of twitter users.  The site is equipped tweet buttons on every thread, picture, and video so you can tweet out anything on Pia from the site.  We even have an “About Pia” page that can be tweeted out to new fans so they can easily learn more about her.  Pia Paradise was created to be a fun natured, team spirited environment that thrives on our dedication to Pia.  This can be an excellent meeting place for all of Pia’s fans to brainstorm great ideas for promoting Pia’s music to the masses.  You can find everything you need to know about getting started with twitter here:

Twitter users often use hashtags to link a particular topic they are talking about. Hashags are key words with # in front of the word you wish to tag or emphasize.  The following site can be used to stay current with current trends or topics that are becoming increasingly popular on their way to becoming trends.  It’s fun to keep an eye on current hot topics and look for ways to creatively place Pia’s name or video link into the discussion.  Many people track these popular trends and the more of us that promote Pia through them the more likely we are to catch more people’s attention.  Most of us already follow each other so we need our tweets to reach people from beyond our network of followers.  Since twitter disapproves of using more than two or three hashtags per tweet, you can also use popular key words without using the # symbol.  The more key words you tweet out the better chance you have of reaching more people with.  For example the following tweet has six key words in it that non-followers can come across in searches. “#MyWishIn2013 is for @PiaToscano to become a superstar.  Pop music needs some real talent in the New Year.  #truth”

You can tweet into any discussion or trend pertaining to music or a topic where some name-dropping would be appropriate, such as #AmericanIdol or #Idol.  Other relevant fast moving topics that many music lovers track are: #music, new music, #nowplaying, #np. You can also tweet a link to Pia Paradise so they know where to come to find everything they need to know about Pia. You never know who might be reading those particular searches.  Using twitter this way is a great way to have fun and be creative and productive at the same time! Then the rest of us can retweet each other’s tweets to keep them circulating.  It’s a great way for us to work together to make the most of promoting Pia.  If anyone has additional tips for promoting Pia on twitter, please feel free to add suggestions below.  We are always looking for good input.


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