New Song: "Hey Angel" Performed By Pia Toscano

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Last night, Angie Miller took on “I’ll Stand By You” as one of her Idol performances. As we all know, it was that very song that introduced Pia Toscano to the world, and her performance has been touted as one of the all time greatest Idol moments in the history of the show. From “Not...

Which Song Would YOU Love Pia To Cover? (Forum topic)
After seeing Pia do one of the best covers on American Idol, of "I'll Stand By You," receiving a standing ovation by the judges, we want to know.Out of all the great songs out there, past and present, which song would YOU love Pia to cover?

Pia Toscano Pre-Idol Music: Pia Sings the Pokémon 10th Anniversary Theme Song (Forum topic)
  Back in 2006, long before Pia was on American Idol, she recorded the theme song for the Pokémon 10th Anniversary Special. Listen to Pia sing (and rap!) the song here (Adobe Flash required):  

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When sisters Pia and Kimberly Toscano get together this weekend, it will be like a goofy teen girls' slumber party. They'll eat "healthy" junk food, tell corny jokes and laugh - a lot. They'll spend some quiet catching-up moments sitting around the backyard fire pit. They'll also share the Tucson...

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What did you think of Pia and Jared's first live StageIt show? Did you like their new music? Share your thoughts about the experience here!